Sunday, 16 September 2018

Hamper / Caravan gift box

Hello everyone welcome to my blog , wow what a busy busy time it has been with the prep for the Birthday Event , the Bithday event and now prepping for future shows and magazine commissions it's a busy old time and my back went again won't bore you all with the details but nothing got done for 8 days so only doing things in short bursts so my apologies for the late blogging of some of my makes from the Birthday event  . Wow Tonic really pulled out all the stops for this Birthday amazing products from the Nuvo range with expanding mousse, glitters / sequins and confetti then all the media dies , legacy keeper and finally the embossing folder for memory book 2 which is amazing , we had the stunning floral die and stamp sets and shaker dies set which is lovely for this Christmas and then not forgetting the gift boxes amazing I have never had so much fun in all my days I had so many more ideas and when I get 5 mins I will have a go at making them but just ran out of time sadly, but you all fell in love with the mail box and caravan thankfully I had enough time to make a Christmas version of the mail box so i could do step by step photos for you all, but sadly not enough time to do the caravan so i am having to make another .
Materials used :-
Hamper box die set
Terrium  box die set - (flower wheels )
Craft perfect Kraft card 
Gingerbread house die set - ( windows)
Lace border - Constance
Tonic Border Punch for the canopy
Gold Nuvo drops
Ivory 300gsm card 
Floral papers- crafters companion

Start by cutting a piece of card the same width of the hamper base but longer than the base of the box now this depends how long you want your veranda area on the front and back of the box. You will need to cut  roughly 5/ 6 of these and stick them together to form a really hard base just like chipboard. 

Now you need to die cut 16 flowers from the terrium box this is what was used for the wheels you need to stick all 4 on top of each other then adding a fifth with decorative paper to match your box so in total you need 20 wheels. Now place a mark on the edge of the wheel with a pencil each side so you know where your half way mark is as you don't want your wheels to be stuck to your caravan at different heights.

You need to make the Hamper box up as you would normally adding pretty decorative papers it opens just the way it was designed with the supports added in each end as I showed you on the mail box previously. 
Once the the Hamper has been constructed glue your hamper box to the base you have created leaving enough space at the front  for a little veranda and a big enough space at the back for your flower  box.

Now make a little flower box big enough for the space you have made  and this box had a little tissue paper added to the bottom of the box and then the flowers were made from the set and placed inside with hot glue then the box is glued to the back and base of your hamper box and base.

You can now add the little fence around the front of your veranda area this is die cut from the lace border die -Constance  you need to cut this die out 4x times and you just rtim the very edge off with your scissors and glue 2x together to give it some strength stick one end to the caravan edge where you know you can cover it with a wheel  then with a little hot glue or wet glue glue it to the edge of the base you will need to hold it and do it bit by bit until the glue has grabbed ,please be careful if using hot glue, then when you come to a corner just gently bend it and teasing it around and glue in place as before ,work out where you want your gap and trim off, do this on the other side then you can add your wheels  which will be glued to the sides of you hamper and the side of the base you will need  to hold these for a min until the glue has placing the halfway pencil marks on the wheels you have a good idea of getting your wheels all at the same height as you don't want it to rock.
 Now you are ready to add a bit of decoration the 2x little windows are from the gingerbread house die set  but if you don't have these you could place little circles  or an oval shape with the bottom cut off. 

Now to make the canopy you will need a piece of card the same length as the Hamper  but the width just needs to over hang slightly  so I would say as wide as your hamper box plus an extra 1" on each side then with a border die or punch as I used here you need to punch a pattern across the sides of this piece of card  both sides then shape the roof with your hand or something round like a spray tin to shape the roof then this is added to the roof of the caravan on 3D foam pads as a canopy it only needs to over hang lightly on each side.
To finish you need to add a door to the front which is just an oval die cut with the bottom trimmed off put through a wood effect embossing folder and a small gold brad put through the card then glued flat to the caravan add nuvo drops to the wheels and awning   and then add some pretty flowers to the veranda each side and a piece of card  mountain & valley fold the width of your  gap as a step and glue underneath.
You could always add a picket fence around the front if you have another picket fence die.
And there you have your caravan 
When I get 5 mins I will try and do a step by step picture tutorial to follow but hope this helps in the meantime xx enjoy I am so looking forward to seeing your mail boxes and caravans xx

Friday, 14 September 2018

Just for you - legacy keepsake

Good morning everyone, so who has already ordered the brand new Legacy keepsake wallet ? , it's a fabulous mini wallet / album to work on its own or the perfect addition to your memory book 2 albums, this is so sweet & so easy to make and i think they would be fabulous as a shopping list wallet or date reminder to keep in your handbag.
Materials used :-
Legacy keepsake die set
Backing papers
Craft perfect Blossom Pink card stock
Craft perfect Jet Black card stock
Craft perfect Bright White card stock
Pink satin ribbon
Basic heart layering die set

The album has ribbon wrapped around the album for the closure and the 2x basic layering hearts stick back to back for the ends of the ribbon just to leave a beautiful finish and also ties the heart theme together.

You can use as many panel as you wish you can just have 3 across the top or miss one out in the middle the choice is really up to you, the die set comes with little sentiments that also match the sentiments in Tonics memory book 2 so they all cross over and mix and match, you also have the added bonus that this is a stand alone keepsake or place it inside your memory book 2 albums, but most of all have fun and I know you all will as you really have loved this series of dies with Tonic Studios,let's hope there will be another series fingers crossed. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today until next time xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

May your day Sparkle with flowers x

Good afternoon everyone, sharing a card with you today featuring Tonic Studios Brand new flower die & Stamp sets and also stunning flourishes  an amazing set , join Jodie this evening at 6pm on Hochanda for the launch show,the DT have pulled out all the stops and made amazing sample you are going to love.
Materials used :
Floral die set -dainty daisy
Stamp set-dainty daisy
Floral favour octagon layering die set 
Nuvo Alcohol markers 
Nuvo seashell Crystal drops
May your whole day Sparkle stamp
Nuvo Hybrid ink pad Black

The card base is constructed using the Kaleidoscope  box set cutting 2x the same and placing a score line in the back panel then cutting your next layers in white so basically it's a white on white card and the flowers are stamped  with Nuvo Hybrid ink and coloured with your Nuvo Alcohol pens die cut and shaped with a ball tool on a spnge mat and then arranged on the card.
To finish the card add Nuvo seashell drops to the card and the centre of the flowers . 
Thank you for visiting my blog today ,keep a look out or click follow as I have lots more to share with you all over the coming days xx

Boxes boxes and more boxes

Good afternoon  everyone, well what a busy launch day  for the amazing box die sets from Tonic, well it's not over yet join Jodie on Thursday  Hochanda for more fabulous demonstrations and absolutely loads of inspiration from the Tonic DT ,I have so much to share with you so i will add the boxes a bit like a gallery and write down the materials used so if you would like to make a similar box your more than welcome.
Materials used ;-
Terrarium  box die set
Pink pearl card stock 250 gsm
Floral papers
Craft perfect Denim blue  card stock
Craft perfect Bright White card stock
Craft perfect Pistachio green card stock
Craft perfect fern green card stock
Pink satin bow

Materials needed :-
Craft perfect pearl white card stock
Craft perfect pearl Onyx black card stock
Craft perfect  blushing pink pearl card sto├žk
Black organza ribbon
Black gloss Nuvo drops

Materials needed :-
Cream base card 300 gsm
White vellum
Nuvo Safari green hybrid ink pad
Nuvo red berry drops
Gold when ribbon
Craft perfect olive green card stock
Craft perfect honey gold satin card stock
Battery operated  tea light

Materials needed :-
Craft perfect red Velvet pearl card stock
Craft perfect speciality card - golden Mosaic
Craft perfect Ivory card stock
Craft perfect Harvest  Gold mirror card 
Ivory organza ribbon

Materials needed ;-
Craft perfect Bright White
Craft perfect Coral pink card stock
Craft perfect Pistachio green
Base card white 280 gsm
Coral shoe string ribbon

Materials needed:-
Craft perfect Bright White card stock 
Craft perfect Silver Mirror card
Craft perfect Chrome  Silver  screen glitter card
Pale blue card stock
White base card 280gsm
Nuvo sequins - Perwinkle

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Hamper / Mail box

Good morning  everyone & welcome to my blog , today i have a step by step picture tutorial sharing how i created the American style mail box from Tonic Studios Hamper Die box, available from Hochanda,  join Jodie at 10am for the launch show. I made another Mail box in a Christmas theme for the tutorial just to show that it would make a beautiful decoration or gift at Christmas time and if you have Tonics festive Builldable collection then you could make this Christmas version. . But the version I made for the launch is this  very pretty floral one  using all the dies that come in the Hamper set.
The little handle for you on the mail box is fastened with a brad so it moves up and down.

Inside the mail box is a mini envelope from our sweet nothings dimensions die set with some twine wrapped around the envelope a gift to could place money or a gift card inside the envelope and then some sweeties or handmade fudge in the base of the box .

All die cut in pastel shades base is die cut in cream 300gsm card stock and floral papers are from crafter companion all the flowers and leaves are made with craft perfect card stock pink blossom, pistachio  green, Chapagne, ivory, Nuvo ivory seashell drops. All the pretty flowers come with the hamper die set .

This is what you need to die cut to create the mail box  or a normal Hamper box.

You need to cut 3 of these for this project, for a normal hamper you need 6x of these, 3 for each side. This is to help the lid keep it's domed shape these strips have little score lines from one end to the other crease each score line then making sure all your strips are the same way round place glue on one of the discs at the top then place another over the top allowing a small gap and then add another so looking at the disc shape it will look like you have one at 12 O'clock one at 5 to and one at 5 past then you glue each disc the same at the other end ,once this is dry squeeze the 2x discs together and glue it will look like the photos below.

These are the decorative papers you need 

3x strips scored

3x discs glued together

3x discs glued together and then 2x discs glued together you can see from this photo it has a rounded top these go inside the main box to the sides then when the top of the box comes down it helps to support the lid of the box.

As you can see inside another box I created this is how the lid supports go inside the box.

For this project you need to snip 2x little glue tabs off where the flap stays open to make a chest you would leave these in place.

You will see a score line with a glue tab on the back of the hamper this is where you place glue to attach the lid of the hamper.

For this project the lid glues down to the front of the box but for a normal hamper the lid tucks inside the box.

This is the mail box decorated with the strips of decorative papers

Now you need to die cut the square kaleidoscope box lid and base 

Die cut a square Apature with your basic layering die sets the 3rd size up is the size you need.This will be the lid so make sure when you glue the tabs down you allow a little room, as your base will have the glue tabs glued tight.

Die cut a hexagon lid and base and place together as normal  bottom tight lid leaving a little room when glueing.

To make the pole place an A4 sheet of card on your score board so your scoring down the short length of the card and score at 1 1/2"  3",  4 1/2",  6",   and  6 1/2" then trim off the excess now place a 1" score line top and bottom remove the small corner piece where your glue tab is and cut at an angle to leave everything neat now place glue on the glue tab and fold the top and bottom in and glue flat then apply wet glue or hot glue to one end and place inside the kaleidoscope square lid and base.

This is glued into the lid and base

Same as before die cut the kaleidoscope lid and base and put them both together you could place sweeties inside this box or fudge as part of the gift .

The square box  glues on top of the hexagon lid after you have decorated the hexagon lid with decorative papers

You can now apply wet blue for hot glue to the top of the pole and place the Hamper body to the pole and just hold it for a few seconds until the glue has grabbed the box.

Decorative paper and card have been placed on the pole and the base boxes have been glued together now you are ready to decorate the box how you wish, as you can see this box has been decorated with Christmas in mind and so Tonic Studios Buildables were perfect for the decoration .

Decorated with Tonic Studios Christmas Buildables collection

Mini envelope from the sweet nothing collection ideal for a Christmas gift voucher, & Dear Santa sentiment.

Craft perfect card stock , Kraft card, bright white ,cherry red, chocolate  brown,espresso brown,  gold mirror card,avocado  green,Jet Black.

Carol singer buildables was a free gift in the Tonic magazine

Finished with Nuvo glitter Accents for the frosty look and the flowers are from the Hamper set just cut in red Craft perfect to look like poinsettia 's with a little Apple green Nuvo drops added to the centre's 

I hope that helps if you fancy making a mail box yourself any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can you can always find me on Face book  thank you for visiting my blog today xx

Sleeve die collection

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