Thursday, 4 May 2017


Good afternoon everyone,sorry it's been a while ,been so busy prepping for shows but finally have 10 mins to give you a little peek from Tonic Studios ,we have a launch starting tomorrow at 10am with Jodie launching ATC's now if you have been crafting like me a long time you will remember them but for crafters who I would say have been crafting 4/5 yrs or less  ATC's are Artist Trading Cards they are like a tag in size and shape and look just like a mini card and you would make them and swap them with other crafters who made ATC's ,it was good way to learn new techniques  and to meet new crafters and make new friends.

This is an ATC in a pocket made from A note to say & Hello set.
The little case is made  from card stock measuring 9"x 3"1/2 and you score at 
3",6"9" then score half an inch across the bottom leave a tab section to the bottom centre but trim off the tabs left and right and then with a circle punch a half circle at the top.

 This is a long DL card made with A4 card stock scored in half long ways and  decorated with 3x A note to say.

Don't just think of these as ATC's  they make beautiful tags , toppers for your cards & gifts ,even place settings for a wedding,they are really versatile.

Thank you for visiting my blog today,be sure to visit again soon as I have lot'so to share with you over the coming days xx

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