Thursday, 2 February 2017

Betty Bunny Easter Treat

Hello everyone & welcome to my blog , well who's looking forward to Tonic Studios Woodland Buildables  launching  today ? Join jodie at 8am on create and craft.
 Today is a lengthy post with lots of step by step photos of an easter picnic basket I put together using Betty Bunny so I will post all the step by steps any problems just leave a comment  and I will get back to you.

Easter Picnic basket with matching card using Betty Bunny

Box base card stock measures  10"15/16 x 7"15/16 of an inch score at 2" on all 4 sides 

Now cut up to the centre line at 2" and cut a small piece of card stock out forming a tab to glue the box together

Box lid

Box lid measures 11"x 8", on the short side score at 7/8 inch & 2" & 5" & 6" turn the card on your score board long ways score at 7/8 inch & 2" turn again score at 7/8 inch  & 2" & turn again score at 7/8 inch & 2" now burnish all your score lines then cut off 3 sections each side as shown in the photo and cut on a slant to form your glue tabs. As you can see in the photo 3 tabs have to be cut off on each corner
Box lid where the black marks are on each corner cut off just to help you as a guide

Now place wet glue onto your tabs or strong red liner tape this is your base

This is the lid the 2 thin flaps in the centre fold back and glue together now add your glue to the small tabs and hold in place for a few seconds until glue has grabbed the card stock.

Now place glue on the side tabs this leaves a really neat finish to the lid

The only thing that should be free are the tabs in the middle at each side

Now place the lid onto the base making sure the tabs in the middle are tucked inside the box roughly mark where you want to attach the handle and mark with a pencil then with a hole punch punch this out now put the lid on as before and with a pencil go through the hole and mark the tab so it all lines up then punch a hole in the tab and repeat on the other side

Like this

This is the handle 1"x11"

Now punch a hole in your handle and thread a Brad through the handle through the lid to the base and secure by bending back the pins on the back of your Brad do the same on the other side take your time doing this as it's a little fiddly

Now the box is ready to decorate any way you wish

The sides lift up each side so you can place a lovely gift or as I have done put some easter sweets inside

Decorated in :-
Woodland Buildables- Betty Bunny
Rococo golf set for the grass
Delicate Daisy from the Entwined Trellis
Flourish from the beautiful blooms and a pretty pink bow with yellow Nuvo drops added to the centre of the daisy

I hope you enjoy making one of these Picnic Easter Baskets and can follow my instructions any problems please leave a comment and I will get back to you when I can.

Thank you very much for taking a look at my blog today be sure to pop back soon as I have many more samples to share with you from this adoreable  collection.

Until next time 

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